Do You Feel Like an Invisible Force is Holding You Back?

And you have no idea what to do about it? 

If you said YES you’ve come to the right place. I’m Mary R. Miller and welcome to My Dream Catalyst. My Dream Catalyst is a virtual personal development home for women in successful but unfufilling careers who want help discovering and claiming their dreams.

Since you’re still reading this I’m going to guess that you’re looking for answers. You may feel like an invisible force is holding you back but you don’t know what to do about it.

The good news is that there is hope! And that is to dig in and get to know yourself at a much deeper level.

If you truly want to uncover what’s holding you back I’ll help you on your journey by providing tools designed to make you think, help you make decisions and compel you into action.

When I was being held back it felt like fighting with me older 6’2″ brother. He had his hand on my forehead and I’d swing at him with all my might but I could not hit him…he was so frustratingly out of reach.

And that is what my life felt like. In all my striving to achieve the world’s version of success I become so stressed that I got sick. Had I kept going I would have been stuck in a life devoid of passion; going through the motions. AND THAT IS NOT LIVING!

I went from one held back situation to the next yet through this journey I was able to discover what was holding me back…or rather who.

In my book, “The Birth of a Dream Catalyst: Unlocking the Dream From Within” I uncover and bring to life 4 personas of self protection that hold women back.

Are you ready to find out the truth about what’s holding you back? 

If you are nodding or said yes, just click on the button below and claim my FREE gift to you, the chance to find out which persona you’ve been fighting this entire time.

Mary R. MillerHere’s to taking a step today to change your life!

Lots of Love – Your Dream Catalyst, Mary R. Miller

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