Hello Dream Claimer! 

You found us!  Thank you friends, fellow dreamers, Google, Facebook, LinkedIN, Twitter; whoever or whatever lead you to us.

We’re just glad you’re here!!!  Yes here.  You have stumbled onto a movement.  A movement of freedom…

The freedom to be your unique self, despite who your job, your parents, your friends or our culture says you are supposed to be.  The freedom to be the individual that God created you to be with the gifts, talents and abilities that only you have.  The freedom to be yourself – this is the best gift you can give yourself.  Commit to receiving it today.  To not know who you are can make your life confusing, frustrating and leave you feeling trapped.  Once you know who you are meant to be you know how you can help other people.

Our vision is to set your soul free from living a life that you weren’t intended to live so you can change the world.

How does My Dream Catalyst help you to break free?   The journey to your freedom is not an easy one and harder if you travel alone.  We’re here to help guide you with weekly blogs, books and other self-discovery eProducts.  These are all designed so you can reconnect with your own heart to gain the strength and skills to fully develop the true you.  Depending on where you are, in your dream journey, you may have deeply buried natural talents that you didn’t know you had.  It will take time to expose and develop them.  Or maybe you know what you want to do but fear and worldly “realities”  paralyze you for acting and/or being yourself.  

Our mission is to guide, educate and motivate you to liberate yourself so you can claim your dreams. 

How does My Dream Catalyst help equip you to do all this? Everything we create is centered around helping you.  The minute we think it’s about us we stop being dream catalysts.  This is our #1 core value.  We don’t provide an all encompassing 21, 30 or 90 step guide.  Why?  Because we don’t pretend to know exactly where you are on your journey.  This is why all of our resources are self-paced self-discovery.  Having trouble dreaming?  We have an eGuide for that.  Need motivation?  We have a proven system for that.  We give you information in digestible chunks so you can apply it.  We meet you where you’re at by providing stories, exercises and new ways of thinking to help you dig within yourself.  All the while we share truths and successes to keep you going to remind you that you’re worth it!

So grab your shades and join the Dream Catalyst movement!  You know the song…your future’s so bright…

Your Dream Catalyst,

Mary Miller

P.S.  Not your thing?  That’s cool.  Consider sharing with someone who is living this struggle right now.

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello! I’m inspired by this website and all you provide to motivate me to continue to follow my dreams! Keep up the good work I will be back soon!

    -Laurel Live

    • Thank you Laurel Live!! Your comment is music to my ears! That’s my goal to inspire and motivate you so you can follow your dreams!!!

  2. I found you on LinkedIn and was drawn in by your message. I too help CEO’s and business owners try to reconnect with their passion. The passion that may have been lost from the day to day stress of running the business.

    I do this in order to brand or rebrand their company. I thought maybe we should meet sometime for coffee and connect side we both live in Dayton Ohio. I would be interested in hearing more about what you do.

    Let me know if you are interested.



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