’re excited! Today is the day that you’ve set aside to be creative and dream. You have alone time on your calendar and you ‘re sticking to it this time.

You sit down and then…nothing…nada

Your mind is blank. Why is your brain not cooperating? Doesn’t it realize that your alone time clock is ticking? Everything was perfect.  It’s quite, you’re in your thinking chair with your coffee in hand.  Arggghhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Have you been there?  I know I have and I’m in the dream business!  We all go through times when we are faced with a creative block.   Over the years I have developed these 10 tips that have helped me win the battle and take my creatively back . Now I share them with you. Let me know what you think my leaving a comment.

  1. Change Your Environment: Clean your office. Hang a picture. Turn some music on. Buy some flowers. Make your work environment a happy place!
  2. Create More Space in Your Life: Creativity needs space to play and explore.  It is not systemic and really hates being boxed in.  Plan time without any to do(s) or expectations and see what happens.
  3. Don’t Force It: When it’s not working; it’s not working.  Take a break.  Trying harder to be creative doesn’t make you more creative.
  4. Find a Crowd:  Sometimes going into a crowded Starbucks, Panera or local cafe can help you think.  The background noise or the hustle and bustle often becomes a comforting hum relaxing your mind.
  5. Get Moving:  If you have a dog, walk him/her. If not, borrow your neighbor’s fury child or walk yourself. There is something that happens by physically moving that frees your mind.
  6. Get Some Rest: Your brain needs more than 4 or 6 hours of sleep; give it what it needs.
  7. Get in Your Car: Driving can free up your mind.  You have to focus on the road, where you’re going and that often quiets the feelings and thoughts of being overwhelmed.
  8. Go with the Flow: Creativity comes when it wants to.  I suggest keeping a notebook on you at all times or using the notepad on your smart phone for when ideas come.  When you have ideas already written down you are less pressured to come up with more in your “free” time.
  9. Help Someone:  Focus outwardly.  Go on LinkedIN or Facebook to encourage others and/or help them with solve a problem.
  10. Honor Yourself: Take time to figure out what works for you.  Notice what happens before a creative burst as well as before a creative block. Give yourself the time, space, situation and environment that you need to dream and watch the creative block melt away.  Be patient with yourself!

Which tip will you try today?

Copyright 2014, Mary R Miller