Thomas Goes His Own Way EVERYDAY

James Dean is still an icon of cool – that is his legacy.  Perhaps his allure is his rebel persona.  The loner who becomes a leader and rises in opposition against an established set of rules.

Have you ever wanted to be like James Dean? Have  you ever tried to be like James Dean?

While it sounds cool – going against the grain is hard. Like you I’ve done it by being the only one to speak up or disagree with leadership; by being the only one to defend their employees; by “getting out” and starting my own business; by claiming my dreams while working full time etc.

I often took the counterpoint because no one else would and advocacy is part of who I am. Over time this rebel attitude caused me a lot of stress as my expectations of others were extremely high and even higher for myself.

This is the thing though, I was rebelling against the wrong thing and maybe you are too.  I had to learn to rebel against the lies about myself that were holding me back…they, not other people, was why I was stuck.

Below are 3 lies that stop you from going your own way in your career and tips for what to do about it:

Lie #1:  I cannot leave my job or field because I will not make enough money in my dream job.

Your career is not black and white.  Who said that you have to quit your job? You can have a full-time job or part-time job or multiple part-time jobs and spend your free time on your dream. This may be enough for you like it is for me. Doing what you love will help your attitude at work and your situation may not seem as dire. You are not a slave.  You are the architecture of your own life – set yourself free by taking a step towards your dreams whatever that looks like for you.

Lie #2:  I’ve already been told that my dream is unrealistic.

This lie makes me mad!  It’s your dream not someone else’s and when you share it you share a part of your heart.  Shame on anyone who says “That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard” or “Yes but you can’t do that” etc.  If you want to be an organic farmer and live in the city – good for you!  Start reading about it and visiting farms on your time off. Remember it’s your dream.  Let people into your special world with caution.  But you do need to let people in because every dream claimer needs a dream team in our lives to help us get out of our own heads.  We cannot afford to be loners; connection is a requirement.

Lie #3:  There is nothing special about me.

Ok friend I refuse to disagree with God on this one.  YOU have something that YOU do that no one else can do the way YOU do it.  There is something profound and special about you. For me it was reading self-help books, going into a deep conversation with strangers after 5 minutes or writing my thoughts down at lightning speed to capture them.  What is it for you?

Which lie will you stop believing TODAY?  There are a lot of options in your life and career but you have to chose to be the master builder.  No one will do it for you.

Copyright 2014, Mary R Miller