You get excited about an id and you’re off to the races. You start flying in 500 different directions running off of adrenalin. Your creative juices are going crazy saying “I have the best idea in the world and I’m going after it”. You become like a pit bull with its jaws locked onto an intruder. You realize a few minutes later that you didn’t even put your shoes on or brush your teeth….

That my friend is the dream process.  It’s a crazy process if you’ve been through it. It’s exhilarating and wonderful. And for those who fought to dream their dreams because it didn’t come naturally it’s quiet an achievement. It’s also like being drunk…you lose your inhibitions and your reason.

In this state of dreaming it’s very hard to count the cost of what it will really take to pull off your dreams. In this state it’s easy to push planning and risk aside – to just “go for it” after all that is what you had to do to start the dreaming process in the first place.

Yes you need action to start and to stay motivated to overcome your fears. Yet risk has to be balanced with wisdom because excitement over your idea can blind you.

I remember when I left my 6 figure job and chose to start a business. Not only did I not make money right off the bat but I was paying close to $2,000 in Franchise fees each month.  I ignored the cost of this dream – literally.

I was blinded by my excitement and I was defensive towards anyone who tried to earnestly help. I took any reasonable indicators and threw them out the window. I thought “Well hey if it takes Business Coaches, in this Franchise, an average of 9 months to break-even it will only take me 3 month because I want it more.”

I had big plans – I thought about the victory and life on top of the mountain but not the climb. I just assumed I’d make it and my plan was only created to validate my intentions. My husband and CPA were the only ones brave enough to try to get through to me – but their concern fell on deaf ears. Thank God that my husband had the sense to take out a business line of credit or we could have lost more than just our retirement…

Why do I share these things?  Because I wish I would have listened and because I want my life lessons to save you some grief.

Below are 3 things I wish I had know. My prayer is that you really think them through while planning for your dream:

  1. Don’t Rationalize Your Success. Do Plan for it: Plan out your dream using conservative data. Don’t rationalize that you’ll do it better, faster and cheaper.  Be humble and give those that have gone before you the benefit of the doubt; they worked their as$#s off and learn from them.
  2. Don’t Assume You Know. Do Your Research: Don’t use Google to confirm your plan and choices; do your research without an agenda to prove your case.
  3. Don’t Quit Your Job. Do Start Saving Money: Do not quit your unless you can afford not to work. Because the saying “if you do what you love the money will come” is simply not true – you have to work for your dream like you do everything else.

What can you do today to balance the excitement of your dream with the reason required for planning?

Copyright 2014, Mary R Miller