is a direct correlation between the amount of time you invest in pursing your dream and the time it takes to implement your dream.

There is no “magic” to claiming your dream.  It’s setting goals, developing a strategic plan, a detailed plan, executing the plan and continuously improving your plan through self-awareness, performance metrics and accountability. The majority of coaching program use this basic structure…

Yet…we expect things to go faster then they do. We don’t make time to lift our heads up to look at what we’re doing. Have you been there?  Are you there now?  I’m with you friend.

Lately, I’ve been a bit frustrated at the pace of my own dream journey. So the other day I decided to look at the facts. I set the analytical side of my mind free to trend data and it was happy!

WS 10.13.14 FrusteratedI found that the correlation between the hours invested in my dream per month decreased with my blog views (i.e. this is one of my performance metrics).  The correlation between hours invested, in my dream, and my performance metric was 80%!

But everyone knows that hard work pays off Mary…so what? I would challenge if we really believe that. If we did then we would not expect to get more out of something then we put into it. 

We do not look at our own situation objectively.  That was the reason for this little exercise – to bring the situation back to the facts. As I explored there were two more key pieces of information; (1) I started a new job in early August and (2) myself and my husband were in the middle of racing season which takes 50% of my time on weekends. And while yes both were choices they are facts none the less. After looking at the facts I was compelled to readjust my expectations. In light of the data –  I was happy with the work I put in and surprised that I had gotten anything done!

So before you judge yourself and your progress take a step back and look at the facts. While facts are an unlikely source of comfort they really do ease frustration caused by unrealistic expectations.

How will you use the facts of your own situation to ease your frustration today?

Copyright 2014, Mary R. Miller