someone came up to you with the intent to “fix” you what would your response be? Would you be defensive and tell them to fix themselves first? Would you be sarcastic and tell them that they have the wrong tool? Or would you be passive aggressive nod in agreement and curse them as they walked away?

Having an attitude of gratitude is an inside job.

It’s up to us to recognize our negative thoughts and decide to change them.  Sure others can see our negativity when we don’t yet the effort to adjust our attitude and flip these negative thoughts around lies on our shoulders.

That is why I started flip-flops Fridays earlier this year; to help us both take a negative thought and flip it around into something positive and constructive.

So in honor of the flip-flop, which reminds us of vacation and was invented by some ancient Egyptian dude in 1,500 B.C. – I bring you the 10 most popular flip-flop Fridays: Flip-Flop Friday


(6) 8.1.14 Flip-Flop Friday


(6) 10.3.14 Flip-Flop Friday


(6) 10.17.14 Flip-Flop Friday


(8) 7.11.14 Flip-Flop Friday

5.(10) 7.25.14 Flip-Flop Friday


6.20.14 Flip-Flop Friday


6.27.14 Flip-Flop Friday


6.6.14 Flip-Flop Friday


1 Flip-Flop Friday

Do any of your thoughts need an attitude adjustment today?

 Copyright 2014, Mary R. Miller