Resize for FB - ChildlikeWhile at an amusement park, I captured the moment in this picture. My husband was in the midst of having fun.

This moment reminded me that you don’t have to lose your childlike wonder. Wonder is something you chose to give up, unintentionally, in your goal of being a responsible adult.

Your dreams don’t forget you – you forget them.  This is also why kids are so good at dreaming, they dream all the time and are encouraged to dream.

If you don’t know what your dream is (yet) don’t worry – most people don’t. An unexpected person taught me that being creative and dreaming is a choice.   And so begins a little story that changed my life…

“Finally, my Senior Year of College” I thought to myself. After multiple and consecutive 23 credit hours terms of Mechanical Engineering, my brain was fried.  I was ready to be done.  

I walked into what I hoped would be a blow-off one credit class.  It was called Engineering Creativity.  I laughed out loud because this was an oxymoron if I ever heard one! After 5 years of almost completely left brain education (even our liberal arts classes were analytical) I wondered if I even had a right brain. And if I did what was the plan to awaken it?  What was the plan to put creative thoughts back in? This was too funny…

As I sit down, I see Dr. William Riffe.  He was the same professor I had freshman year for Manufacturing Processes. He was been very intimidating.  He always wore black on test days.  He told us on day one that half of us would be gone by senior year (which ended up being true).  But there he was, in front of the class, grinning from ear to ear with a Goofy hat on.

What? Did he go crazy? Or maybe it’s my lack of sleep.  After the shock wore off I heard Dr.Riffe say that he had recently graduated from Disney Imagineering school. He was excited because he was going to show, teach and give us tools to be creative again.  Tools that he learned while he was at Disney. He wanted us to tap into our imaginations.  We were the future and as the future it was critical to society to invent, dream and think using our whole brain – yes even the right side. The first assignment included crayons.  And no our drawings didn’t have to be perfect. 

This class was awesome. I learned so much about myself. I learned that engineering and creativity did not have to be mutually exclusive. I was so excited about what I learned that I made everyone in my family an idea book.  A place to write down inventions, poems, songs, pictures or whatever they dreamed about.  The key was to help them to dream just in case they had forgotten how – like I had.

Today I urge you to purchase or make your own dream book.  Will you?  Will you begin to practice being creative and practice dreaming? 

Copyright 2014, Mary R Miller