! You’ve done the hard work of discovering your dream (not so much click here). Before you set out on the dream journey you’ll need to know where you’re going. A plan is like map for your dream journey and the tool that helps you make your dream a reality.

As a voice of experience, don’t dive into the detailed planing first. This will bog you down.  Start with a simple top level plan one which will allow you to think through your dream.

Planning is the reality check that none of us want but all of us need.

This top level reality check I did not do when I went into my first business.  I went straight into detailed planning because I could rationalize my decision by detailing out HOW I would be successful not WHY this was the right dream. And WHY is the most important question of all…

To help you make your dream a reality and ensure that this is the right dream (for you), I designed these 10 questions to help you think through your dream. These are 10 questions I wish I had asked myself  before I literally went “all in” financially down the wrong path. The best thing you can do for yourself is to have a solid and realistic plan that you consistency execute to make your dream a reality. It’s hard work which is why so few people do it…but I can tell you it’s so worth it.

Here are 10 steps, learned the hard way, to make your dream a reality:

  1. Define, in no more than 3 sentences, what your dream is.
  2. Define the heart of your dream
    1. Why this dream? Is this what you really want to do or are you running away from your current situation (yep running – click here)?
    2. How does your dream contribute to society?
  3. What’s your credibility in this area?  Define how your dream uses your passion, uniqueness and existing skill set.
  4. Define what success looks like to you?
  5. What product or service does your dream translate into?
  6. Define how your dream adds value to those on the receiving end? (sorry everyone is not an answer –  be specific)
  7. Who does your dream add value to ? Whose on the receiving end?  (sorry everyone is not an answer –  be specific)
  8. What will your dream look like when you’re living it?
  9. What will your dream look like in 10 – 20 years?
  10. Do research to see the average time it takes for someone to implement a dream similar to yours and add 50% more time.

Dream to Reality - BlogNow take your answers and put them into a Word document using the outline pictured to the left.  Each step above lines up with a section of the outline.

Congrats! You just drafted your first “Dream to Reality” plan.  See planning isn’t so bad after all?

Will you set aside time to do this this week?  Once you have add the comment “done”below

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