are like mile markers on your dream journey. They confirm that yes you are going in the right direction.

This is why there is great power in goals. To fully utilize that power you must pay attention to your motivation during the process of goal setting and achievement.

Ask yourself if your goals are driven by fear and scarcity or if they are driven by opportunity and abundance?

For more years than I’d like to admit, my motivation in setting and achievement came from a place of fear. Fear of not being successful. Fear of not being the best. The motives behind my goals were about me and that was destructive. One day I realized that my competitive nature swallowed my heart and in the process extinguished my dream.  I became only about the numbers which is recipe for disaster.

So how do you avoid my mistakes?  How do you ensure that you keep your dream alive and avoid being derailed while still tapping into the power of goals?

With this 5 step continuous process I’m about to share with you. It will keep your heart and mind in alignment with your dream and the people your dream is focused around. Because at the end of the day our dreams are not really about us…

8.11.14 Power of Goals - Goal Setting
Step 5

(1) Define What a Goal is to YOU: Instead of setting your goals because that’s just what successful people do; chose to define why you are setting a goal. Is your goal an opportunity to grow and fulfill your dreams? Is it a way to motivate yourself as you see progress? Does it remind you that you are one step closer to serving others?


(3) Define What Success Looks Like to YOU: Instead of setting goals based on someone else’s version of  success (i.e. family, friends, the American dream of having more stuff than you really need etc) chose to set your goals according to your own definition of success (i.e. more freedom in your life, time to help others etc).

(4) Set Your Goals: Write your goals down; use S.M.A.R.T.E.R goals; do not set more than 3 goals.

(5) Focused Execution: Don’t just focus on the end result but look
at your goals and progress as you go. Break your goals up into quarterly, monthly and weekly goals/milestones to ensure you’re focused on the right thing.

(6) Continuous Goal Setting: Don’t just go through this exercise once a year and put your goals on a shelf. Put your goals in plain sight. Chose to make goal setting part of your lifestyle something you WANT to do.

How will you unleash the power of goals in your life today?

Copyright 2014 Mary R Miller