the word strategy remind you of games like chess or poker? If your opponent makes this move you will make that one. Every thought is centered around anticipating how you will respond to an event.

If you’ve been on this planet long enough, at one time or another, you’ve probably called life and business a game. How do you set yourself up to have a strategy for success? Well it may not be what you think…

Have you considered that the hardest game of strategy you will ever play is against yourself?

You know what I mean, that passive aggressive behavior that turns into procrastination; or that rationalization that you are where you are because “they” dropped the ball. Everything you do to find excuses and to look outside of yourself for blame.  This is the game we play daily…yes I’ve do it too.

When I was 18 years old I was lucky enough to be mentored by someone who understood this.  My supervisor at Sam’s Club, DJ, gave me a graduation gift, which displayed this quote from JFK “Efforts and courage are not enough without purpose and direction”. She also gave me a wonderful example of leadership. I have referred to both to remind myself “why” I am putting effort in and “what the point” is. And to look inside before I look anywhere else.

Jack Canfield sums up this concept using the below formula:

Events + Responses = Outcome

He says, if unlimited success is your goal, looking outside of yourself is a strategic error. The most important lesson you must understand that you are 100 percent responsible for your life – the good and the bad.” 

What if the key to success and achieving your dream is to beat yourself at your own game? How do you do that?  How to do you ensure purpose and direction are in the forefront? That you take responsibility for your reactions to the events in your life – the good, the bad and the ugly?

You play the game with the part of you that is afraid and you set yourself up to win…to win your dreams. You do this by being proactive by creating a Dream to Reality Plan, by setting Goals, by leading yourself and taking intentional steps.

You do this by not letting life happen to you and becoming a better slave to your circumstances; you do this by deciding TODAY that you will be free to live the life you were intended to life and that you will play the game until you win…your life and your dreams.

What will you do today to set yourself up for success?

Copyright 2014, Mary R Miller